Lincoln hand outs

Here are the Lincoln hand outs sent to George and I. The best bet regarding voluntary union benefits enrollment for the SJU, BDL,PHL & EWR members would be to utilize the QR code scan I sent. It will allow them to schedule an online session with an enroller who can answer all of their questions and enroll them in the plans they like. Please stress the importance of members having to keep an eye out for an email from Piedmont services to update their deductions starting 12/29/2022, in order to insure their premiums for all of their policies are paid. If you need any more information, let me know. Remember we have until Friday November 4, 2022 to make changes.

Lincoln Benefits Overview Slides



Local 501 QR Code

Local 501_NY_VB Comparison Sheet for Enrollers[14094]




4 – TWU Locals Whole Life 2022



3- TWU Locals Lincoln Vol Life CI AI HI 2022