Title 3 Section Chairman Report – LGA

Brothers & Sisters,

To provide some insight pertaining to LGA, over the course of the last few months we've had six of our TWU Local 501 members placed on a Doctor's note for attendance. I encourage all members who are trying to fight off the FLU, and working long hours in these cold winter months to dress warm and get the needed rest to be in the best shape for work. Also utilize your medical benefits to your advantage and don't let them go to waste as visiting your Doctor can save your life.

As of today, we have Eight FSC on 100, so once again our members who are working long hours, being rested and in shape and working safe at all times can prevent an 100. We work in a very strenuous job and the last thing we want to do is go home injured.
Over the course of the last few months we've had eight members disciplined for attendance and performance issues. So, when you find yourself working long hours in these cold months when your body starts to breakdown don't expect any consideration from the company. As for performance let it be known that our members who thought they were doing a favor to the company and customer's who were involved in an A/C Damage were disciplined. Please work safe at all times, and be advised under Article 27 of our CBA:

For the next few years LaGuardia Airport will be under construction which will present us with numerous challenges that will affect our members. So please be supportive and understanding with your TWU representatives who are all doing their best to provide a robust representation for the membership. I am also very proud to say that grievances and by-passes at LGA are resolved expeditiously in our favor.

In Conclusion, due to the twists and turns that management is putting our members through I've noticed the moral dropping. So, let's show the company that TWU LOCAL 501 is "UNITED-INVINCIBLE".

In Solidarity,

Jose Mirabal

Section Chairman