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TWU Local 501 Executive Board Update

The following update is on behalf of your TWU Local 501 Executive Board.

• The Attendance Arbitration award is still pending.

• 2023 Profit Sharing information and a distribution example is available on Jetnet and Profit sharing contractual language can be found in Article 5 of the Fleet Service CBA and Article 17 of the M&R CBA.

• If any of our members are not aware, at TWU Local 501 we’ve had some recent A/C accidents and fortunately our members were not seriously injured. Unfortunately we’ve had some tragic fatalities in the system involving TWU members on the job. Please come to work rested, focused and work as safe as possible as the life you save may be your own.

• Our EAP/Benefits coordinator Brother George Crozier has been assigned a special task by Local 501, of leading the way with the assistance of our Safety Representatives and Executive Board in establishing certain safety procedures and training goals. Our initiative is to get our members trained on CPR and with the usage of a defibrillator. We expect American Airlines to be cooperative at all of our stations with our goal to prepare our members to save a life.

• Our Local is proud to announce the return of one of our terminated members. While our Local representatives are very seasoned and capable of saving jobs, we encourage our members to not place yourselves in a position that may compromise your employment in any way.

There are many issues and topics at Local 501 that can be referenced involving all of our stations and shops at JFK, LGA, SJU, PHL, EWR and BDL, but the most important part of this message is that tomorrow is not promised to anyone. So, please be kind to one another and appreciate all the good things in your life.

Victor J. Gonzalez
President, TWU Local 501
International Executive Council

The Working Women’s Committee Meeting Was Held In Washington DC March 28-30

This W.W.C Meeting Was Hosted By The TWU International. It Was 3 Days Full Of Education & Action. We Started With An Eye-Opening Presentation On The History Of Working Women By Jonna Huseman. Followed By Andrew Rangolan Teaching Us The Importance of C.O.P.E.

Our Second Day Was Lobby Training By Zack Tatz. He Educated Us On The “Air Pump Act”. The FAA Is Trying To Reauthorize The Bill To Include Flight Attendants. They Are Asking For Reasonable Accommodations To Express Breast Milk While Flying .

On Day 3 All Of Us Headed To Capitol Hill To Meet With Our Respective Congressman/Senator From Our States To Lobby For The Bill. We All Had A Very Long But Productive Day At The Hill.

While Meeting With NY Senator Chuck Shumer, He Assured Us He Fully Supports The Bill And Will Be Doing What He Can To Help.