NYC DOL Bi Weekly Update

Brothers & Sisters,

In an effort to provide an expeditious update on the NYC Bi- Weekly topic, the below communication was provided by our International Vice President Gary Peterson,
which I am sharing with the members.

In Solidarity,
Victor J. Gonzalez
President, TWU Local 501
International Executive Board


A call took place today between an Investigator for the NYDOL, International Representatives from the Association, and American Airlines.
The call was constructed to discuss if there was a way to a common ground discussion and a settlement between the parties.

It is clear from the call that the Association and Company are unable to resolve the issue.  As such, the Investigator will follow up with the NYDOL Commissioner, and she, or her designee, will respond to the parties.

We do not have any other details at this time, other than we will await the NYDOL Commissioner, or her designees response.  As soon as we receive further information, it will be shared with the NY Local Leaders and the membership.

Gary Peterson
International Vice President
Air Division Director