Contract Voting Information

Contract Voting Information

In the unlikely event you did not receive voter information by US Mail or AA Company email,

the following phone numbers are available for a replacement PIN.

A replacement PIN can only be provided to a member if the original PIN has not already been used to cast their vote.

Once a replacement has been issued, the original PIN will be inactive.

TWU Fleet – (520) 991-9670
TWU MLS and M&R – (817) 938-8787

Only the above phone numbers should be used for a replacement pin,

 if necessary, and will be available from 9:30am to 7:30pm Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday, March 26. 2020

It’s TIME TO VOTE ON A Contract Now!

Please  be advised that TWU Local 501 expects the items below to become part of a LOA.

An agreement with American was established late last night and confirmed by email.

The following commitments from the Company:

  •  All JCBA wage rates will be effective the first Monday following the date of ratification (“DOR”), inclusive of
  •  Chart Rate, All Premiums, Skill Pay, Fuel Tank Entry (which will be paid as a temporary upgrade)
  • Taxi & Run-up Pay (which will be paid as a temporary upgrade unless a separate Taxi & Run-up bid area is established.
  • Shift Differential (Shift differential for Legacy American TWU employees will be programmed at JCBA rates following ratification but will continue to be based on shift definitions under the 2012 AA/TWU CBAs).  Until those employees are moved to the Work Brain system. JCBA shift definitions will apply to all covered employees thereafter.
  • The Signing Bonus Payment agreed to by the parties shall be paid no later than 60-days after the DOR to all active employees as of DOR, inclusive of those on Union Leave.
  • Employees on approved leave of absence or not working due to OJI shall receive the Signing Bonus within 45-days of returning to active status.
  • The Vacation Lump Sum Payment (to eligible employees) agreed to by the parties shall be paid no later than sixty (60) days after DOR.
  • The M&R International outsourcing provisions shall become effective April 1, 2020 upon which the annual 12-month lookback will be based.
  • The data used to determine the initial International Outsourcing hours measurement to be sent to the Association no later than June 1, 2020.
  •  Legacy American TWU employees’ sick bank shall be credited with up to ten (10) days no later than December 31, 2020.
  • Loan’ due to the change to pay-in-arrears or bi-weekly pay shall begin no earlier than February 1, 2021.
  • The Company may change employees to pay-in arrears and bi-weekly pay, where applicable, as soon as is practicable.