Memorial Day Q&A

What does a person get paid if they are on a scheduled Vacation Day?

 If they are on vacation on Memorial Day they will be paid 8 hrs. HO and 8.0 hrs. VC and will remain off for the day.


If a person Picks up a CS, what rate of pay will they get and what rate will the CS off person receive for those hours?

 CSW is at 1.5x for working on the holiday and the person CSing off will get HO at 1.0x


What does a person on paid IOD get for the day?

 Article 7 e 1&2 will apply, which is if less than 30 days will be HO, more than 30 days will be unpaid;


What does a person who call in sick get paid?

 Article 7e5 will apply, which is call in SK on holiday and only the holiday,  SK; if call in SK on holiday and day(s) following holiday, the SK for holiday will be changed to HO;


Based on the provision in the LOA, that states “This LOA….. does not modify any provision of the TWU or IAM CBAs covering emps represented by the Association…

.” we didn’t alter these applications which are in other Articles. We are applying them to Memorial Day now because we have agreed to recognize Memorial Day as a holiday for 2019 and they have holiday applications. We are taking the same view with the IAM agreement as well. 

If you cs off – the person that cs’s off will still get 8 hrs pay.

If you work your regular shift it will be at 2 1/2 time rate of pay and if you take a cs on top of your regular schedule that will be paid out at 1 .5 rate of pay..

If Monday is your scheduled FT/ DO you will be paid 8 hours- meaning 40 hours for the week with an additional 8 for the Monday- Total 48 hrs for the week.