Re-staffing PHL


TWU LOCAL 501 has just received a signed settlement pertaining to re-staffing a part of Philadelphia (PHL) Title 3. A settlement letter is being worked on for Title 2. The TWU Local 501 Executive Board is pleased that our former members will have the opportunity to return  to TWU Local 501. Please understand that this re-staffing will still be tied to the future JCBA/Association Agreement.

Also any members who accept this opportunity to return to the TWU will be working under a Cross Utilization Agreement. There is still much work to be done but TWU Local 501 will do our
best to return our former members back as soon as possible.

I would like to personally thank our International for establishing this settlement in an expeditious manner.

Any questions pertaining to this communication please do not hesitate to contact any Officer of Local 501.

Victor J. Gonzalez
President, TWU Local 501
International Executive Board