American Airlines Should Care Campaign, 2019

Good morning all,

I’ve attached the Facebook and Twitter report for the first full week of the campaign. I’m happy to tell you all that the campaign is doing very well, but we’ve got to do much more to keep it going or we’ll lose momentum and it will die.

Currently the petition has 7300 names on it, but we need that number much much higher! We have people from around the world signing the petition from places like Saudi Arabia, Guam, Africa and of course all over the U.S. Sadly, many of our own members and Union reps haven’t signed it. If your board members and stewards haven’t signed it they need to sign and share it asap.

There has been a video added to the petition to replace the static image. PLEASE share this link with everyone! Your members, labor councils, other Unions in your area, etc… We need everyone to see and sign it… Petition Page

American Airlines Should Care Campaign, 2019

Campaign Components:
• The campaign hashtag is #PowerofCaring
• The slogan is Discover the #PowerofCaring

Website Petition Page



TWU Air Division Locals have launched an educational campaign, American Airlines Should Care

Click here
 to read about the campaign
Click here to sign the petition to American Airlines, demanding they care about passenger and crew safety and security