Sisters and Brother's,

This notice is to inform our membership that effective November 30, 2017 our (SJU) Executive 3rd Vice President, Luis R. Valcourt will be resigning from his position. The resignation of Brother Valcourt is due to health issues he has been battling with for the last two years. Luis want's the membership to know that he wishes nothing but the best for his station (SJU) and his TWU Local 501.

As an Executive Board Member for the last five years Luis stated they were the most challenging years at American for him, but the best years of his career. Brother Valcourt can resign with pride as the years he served the membership as the Local Ranking Union Official of SJU helped produce recalls to the Island, the Change of Shift Policy, New Equipment and better Working Conditions with respect and integrity.
Our Administration wishes Luis all the best and thank him for all of the hard work he put into serving the members of Air Transport, Local 501.

With the void that Brother Valcourt leaves behind our Executive Board will have to figure out how to continue to serve the SJU membership with a strong representation team.

Victor J. Gonzalez