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TWU Local 501 JFK/LGA Work schedule updates

Brothers & Sisters,

Attached with this email are communications pertaining to work schedules agreed upon at JFK Cargo and the Line with the TWU Local 501 Leadership, which happened by working with our Transport Workers Union International President John Samuelsen. Credit also has to be provided to the International Leadership and Presidents throughout the system by communicating through weekly Presidents Conference calls that provides unity and information that is just invaluable.

The rest of work schedule communications should be out by the end of the day for the rest of our TWU Local 501 JFK & LGA work areas such as our GSE/ Facilities and Line schedule at LGA. Your Executive Board is very proud that we were able to protect our members pay and protect them by being able to stay at home during this Corona Virus Pandemic.

An overview of the FSC CBA is also incorporated in this communication. TWU will do it’s best to produce an M & R CBA overview as soon as possible.

It should also be noted that our Local leaders in SJU worked out a bid to protect our members and our Local will continue to meet ALL challenges as an opportunity to lead at all of our stations and shops.

Should any member have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to contact any Officer of the Local as we are here to serve you to the best of our abilities.

Always be a proud members the Transport Workers Union!

In Solidarity,

Victor J. Gonzalez
President, TWU Local 501
International Executive Board

List of Schedules

Local 501 Secures Stay Home with Pay During Pandemic

Local 501 Secures Stay Home with Pay During Pandemic
On 75th Anniversary, with International’s Assistance

On their 75th anniversary of becoming part of the TWU, Local 501 has secured a tremendous victory.

Local 501 members are Fleet Service and Maintenance & Related workers based in LaGuardia and JFK International Airports in New York City – which currently has the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country.

Local 501 President Victor Gonzalez explained, “We are the hotbed right now. We had a very high number of confirmed cases in our workforce, which led our members to reach out to me. In return, I reached out to the International.”

Local President Gonzalez provided International President John Samuelsen with all the details needed, such as the confirmed number of members infected, and the International was able to get results.

Local 501 came to an agreement with American Airlines to allow workers based at LaGuardia and JFK Airports to work one day out of their workweek and stay home other four days with pay, to stop the spread of the virus. The agreement covers 95% of the local.

“This is the way things should always work. Members express concern to their local, local leadership contacts the International, and members can get the assistance they need – and deserve,” President Samuelsen said. “This is a tremendous victory.”

“We did it to protect our members’ safety and livelihoods,” Gonzalez said.

Stand Up, Fightback and Defend Our Health & Safety!

TWU President Samuelsen’s Weekly Crisis Update Video: Stand Up, Fightback and Defend Our Health & Safety!

The Covid-19 battle is the most vicious of our lifetime and our TWU membership feels the enormous weight of this global disaster every day. We may not be able to see this brutal virus floating in the air before us, but government, management and the public are certainly seeing the TWU as we rise up and fightback for our members’ health & safety nationwide.

Please watch today’s video message from TWU International President John Samuelsen on the dire importance of standing up and fighting back for workers on the frontlines of this pandemic. Share the video on Twitter and on Facebook.

Company TEAM Letters

Brothers and Sisters,

Pertaining to the letter by the company below to TEAM members. Let it be known that your TWU Local 501 Officers are working with the company at this time at JFK & LGA and are first trying to figure out how much headcount will be needed at each location.

After that piece of information is recognized, the objective will be on how to cover the operation with enough employees in a fair manner.

Our goal and my understanding at this time is to have our members who are not working under an agreement to be made, be home with pay!

Please stay informed though your Local Officers, Website Local 501 – New York, NY and Union Bulletin Boards.

Understanding that sometimes it takes a while to establish a Victory, always stay United and trust in your TWU Local and our International who most times don’t receive the credit for the hard work, leadership and support they provide!

United- Invincible

In Solidarity,

Victor J. Gonzalez
President, TWU Local 501
International Executive Board

Dear fellow team members,

As coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in New York City and the surrounding region continues to increase, along with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for travel to the area, the demand for flights to the New York area is rapidly evaporating. While American has already significantly reduced our service to LGA and JFK, along with service to nearby Newark (EWR), we will temporarily suspend even more flights to these three airports starting Tuesday, April 7. The new, temporary schedule will run through May 6.

Your safety and that of our customers remains our top priority and we will continue to stress the CDC recommendations throughout our system. To further protect the approximately 9,000 team members serving customers at the New York area airports, we will be taking additional measures to help keep them safe.

LGA, JFK and EWR will only operate from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET as turn-only operations with no aircraft or crews remaining overnight at these three airports. The limited number of flights we will operate will have capacity restrictions in place to maintain social distancing onboard each aircraft. These flights will be crewed by those from bases outside of New York and will require fewer of our New York colleagues on the ground to serve customers and colleagues during this suspension period.

Here is an overview of the temporary schedule:

  • LGA: Two daily flights to CLT and DFW. One daily flight to BOS, ORD, MIA and DCA.
  • JFK: One daily flight to DFW, CLT and MIA.
  • EWR: One daily flight to DFW and CLT. EWR – ORD service will be suspended on April 9.

We will contact our New York area team members directly regarding these changes and we will be sure to pay protect any crew members who were scheduled to work any now-canceled flights. We also are contacting customers to ensure they reach their final destinations as close as possible to their original flight times.

We recognize the essential service we provide to New York, and all of the airports American serves, as the world fights the spread of COVID-19. This limited New York service will continue to provide critical connectivity for our customers, including transportation for any essential personnel and goods needed by the community and medical professionals battling the disease.

Although New York is one of the current COVID-19 hotspots in the U.S., all of us have an incredibly important role to play as we ensure the safety of our colleagues, communities and loved ones as we work to contain the virus. I am proud of the way our team has pulled together during these exceptional times and shown commitment to caring for each other. By working together, and taking aggressive steps to protect our team and manage our network, we can continue providing safe, efficient air travel, and be ready to step up when America and the world are ready to move again.