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TWU Veterans Committee

TWU Local 501 Executive Board Member Chris Kiernan & TWU Local 501
Veterans Committee Coordinator/ Shop Steward Brian Galarza  with
TWU Veterans Committee

TWU VOL Benefits

Want to know whats on your, “TWU Vol Benefits” line on your pay stub… Easy click in link below and register.

FYI” if you happen to have an employee number that starts with a zero, take the zero off when registering.

Special Episode of the TWU Air Division Podcast

This week, there’s a special episode of the TWU Air Division Podcast. Click here to listen.

TWU Strategic Action Coordinator Brian Parker talks with TWU Executive Negotiator Gary Peterson and IAM Executive Negotiator Tom Reagan about what American Airlines calls their “Full Company Proposal.”

You can listen to the podcast at  or by subscribing and following on iTunes and Google Music.