Title 2 Section Chairman Report – JFK

Brothers & Sisters,

My name is Charlie Sardone and I am the Section Chairman representing JFK Title 2 members.  In an attempt to keep us all better informed, I will be presenting you with a monthly Chairman's report. Although, I am currently home with an injury, thanks to technology and communication I'm kept up to date with the issues in the shops.
As, of our last Eboard meeting, facilities maintenance has 12 crew chiefs, 100 mechanics, and 10 msp's. 9 of us are either out on IOD or SKLOA. The current bid is still in effect but will be ending soon.  The new bid has not been released as of yet, however the crew chiefs have their bid.  There are currently 3 vacancies for mechanics posted at Fae/JFK.

There is a massive paint overhaul project going on at Hanger 10. Unfortunately, we were not able to take this one on. Due to safety concerns and health reasons for all that work, enter, and exit the hanger, this project is on HOLD as of the moment.

Also, we have filed 16 grievances for 4 fire rated doors with concrete encased frames at hanger 10 that were performed by an outside contractor. Once again lack of communication and our ability to perform this work is the issue at hand.

Retaining work and securing our jobs is of utmost importance!!!

In the automotive shops, we have 51 people in the department. 45 of those are c/c's and mechanics.  There are 6 msp's. There is a posting for a mechanic that closes out on Feb.9th taking the total to 46.  The auto shop will be taking over the "Bike Shop" from Tech Ops.  This will include tending to all non- powered aircraft equipment.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. Work safe and remain united as one!

In Solidarity,
Charlie Sardone
JFK Title 2 Section Chairman
516-220-8304 drnpcjs3@gmail.com