Association Leadership to Expedite Outstanding Joint Contract Economic Issues

Top level TWU/IAM Association leadership will be joining ongoing joint contract negotiations with American Airlines to expedite outstanding economic issues.

“The time is now for Association members to achieve the fair contract they deserve,” said Association Chair and Vice Chair Sito Pantoja and Harry Lombardo, respectively. “Association Negotiating Committees have been bargaining hard for over a year now and the membership has already enjoyed some of the benefits of their hard work. We have more work to do and we are committed to directing all the Association’s resources, including our direct involvement, to bring these negotiations to conclusion.”

The TWU-IAM Association began joint contract negotiations with American Airlines in November, 2015. In August of last year, Association Negotiating Committees reached agreement on an interim wage agreement, which provided wage hikes of approximately 25 percent.

Negotiations will follow the previously announced January schedule. Specific dates for the leadership to enter the discussions have not yet been determined.

Ruling in AA Bankruptcy Case Favors TWU: Unrelated to AA Prefunding

In a ruling completely separate from TWU’s ongoing healthcare prefunding case, a bankruptcy court ruled today in favor of TWU and two other unions in a case against American Airlines. The unions took the company to court last year to oppose the way the airline was dividing up additional shares of its stock while bankruptcy claims were still being resolved. TWU and the other unions argued that the company’s plan for distribution favored the old equity shareholders of AA at the expense of the unions, thus reducing each union's share of new AA equity below the agreed upon percentage that American Airlines had agreed to allot to them. Today’s court's order will entitle each union to continue to receive the agreed-upon percentage of equity in the new American Airlines. Because the total number of shares that will finally be distributed is not yet determined, TWU does not know yet how many shares this decision will ultimately add to our members’ overall shares of company stock, but it is indeed a victory for all TWU members at American Airlines.

The ruling does not have any bearing, however, on the prefunding case.

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Neutral Javits Issues Initial Integrated Seniority Lists at American Airlines

Sisters and Brothers,

The TWU-IAM Association today announced that Neutral Joshua Javits issued his Report and Recommendations and initial integrated seniority lists for the Mechanic and Related, Fleet Service and Stores work groups at American Airlines.

In June, the Association retained the services of Neutral Javits, former Chairman of the National Mediation Board and member of the National Academy of Arbitrators, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the Association’s Seniority Integration Committee’s work and to resolve identified issues and differences that required expert attention to reach a fair and equitable integration of seniority lists. Neutral Javits’ Report and Recommendations and initial integrated seniority lists—created in accordance with earlier seniority integration agreements—reflect this comprehensive analysis and explain how the seniority lists are integrated.

During the fact-finding stage of Neutral Javits’ comprehensive analysis, TWU-IAM Association members submitted 836 detailed comments. Additionally, Neutral Javits met with and received remarks from the TWU-IAM negotiators and the Seniority Integration Committee. All of these comments were carefully deliberated by Neutral Javits and guided how he grappled with the more intricate and highly complex aspects of the seniority integration process.

Integrating seniority lists is the most important issue that affects our membership in an airline merger. The TWU-IAM Association and Neutral Javits have undertaken this seniority integration process with great care and deliberation so that all Association members at American Airlines are treated fairly and equitably.

All Association members will have until February 10, 2017 to protest in writing his or her placement on the initial integrated seniority lists in accordance with the process and requirements set forth in the accompanying communication from Neutral Javits. All protests must be received on or before February 10th. Final integrated seniority lists will be issued after all protests are considered.

Visit to view the Javits Report and Recommendations, the Report Summary and Chart with instructions on how to file a protest and all initial integrated seniority lists.