AA Bargaining Update – July 1

Sisters and Brothers,

The Association Fleet Negotiating Committee met with American Airlines this week in Dallas/Fort Worth to continue joint contract negotiations. Download the fleet service update. Download M&R Stores update.
During this week’s talks, we made progress on issues which have previously bogged us down. A TA was reached on Work Schedules and significant progress has been made on Overtime. To date, we have not received a response from the company to our counter-proposal on Holidays. That TA’s are not coming out every week is not reflective of the hard work of the committee. We remain committed to be expeditious but take the time necessary to achieve the best contract language possible.
Regarding seniority list integration, earlier this week Joshua Javits issued a letter introducing himself to Association members and outlined his role in the seniority integration process. It is important to note that having an integrated seniority list is not necessary for a joint agreement to be reached and ratified prior to the posting of that final list.
During the negotiations process, we have reached the following TA’s:
  • Shift Differential
  • Preamble
  • Training, Travel Pay and Meal Per Diem
  • Grievance Procedures
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Meal Periods
  • Representation
  • Field Work
  • System Board of Adjustment
  • Uniforms
  • Absence from Duty
  • No Strike No Lockout
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Probation
  • Safety and Health
  • Purpose of Agreement
  • Termination of Employment
  • Shift Trades
  • Furlough Benefits
  • Work Schedules
We understand your frustrations and we want a contract as fast and as much as you do. However, we also must preserve our work rules and other contractual provisions that make our work lives better. We must stand together as we work through this process!
Mark Baskett
Mike Fairbanks
Pete Hogan
Tim Hughes
Mike Mayes
Steve Miller
Brian Oyer
Pat Rezler
Art Risley
Andre Sutton
Rodney Walker
Bill Wilson

Happy Independence Day from International President Harry Lombardo


In a year more noted for its sharp political divides, it is important that we come together as a union to celebrate what ties us together at TWU and what binds us as a nation.

This weekend while we celebrate our country’s birth, TWU International President Harry Lombardo has a special message for our members, many of whom are on the job this holiday. “As we celebrate our independence, let us please remember that independence and rights as citizens under our Constitution require us to be civically responsible. We have to exercise our rights in order to preserve them and that fight goes on every single day,” says Lombardo in a video message.
Our founders ended their revolutionary missive to the world—the Declaration of Independence—by proclaiming, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”
So, too, as union brothers and sisters, we pledge to one another to work for the common good, to have one another’s backs, and to confront any company that tries to take away our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are a united union. We are the United States of America.

Javits Memorandum to the Membership

Sisters and Brothers,

In other news this week, the TWU-IAM Association met this week in Washington D.C. to continue the seniority integration process. This follows efforts that began with our joint TWU-IAM seniority committee who met last November. The work of that committee initiated the seniority integration process and identified issues and differences in need of further attention in order to reach final integrated seniority lists.

Based on the committee’s work and in order to establish final fair and equitable seniority lists, the Association decided to obtain assistance from an experienced and nationally recognized Neutral to analyze, make recommendations and, if necessary, decide seniority issues in accordance with our earlier seniority integration commitments and agreements.

To conduct this comprehensive analysis and to create final integrated seniority lists, the Association has obtained the services of Joshua M. Javits. Javits is a former Chairman and member of the National Mediation Board, member of the National Academy of Arbitrators and a neutral on the labor arbitration panels of the American Arbitration Association and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. Mr. Javits has unrivaled practical experience issuing reports and recommendations regarding the fair and equitable integration of seniority.

Mr. Javits will review and analyze the seniority committee’s work thus far, will gather information from the Company and will work with the Association to prepare final integrated seniority lists.

Javits will introduce himself to the Association membership in his own communication to you. There, he will further describe his responsibilities in this process and how input from members can be provided to him. Also, he will advise of the process to protest one’s placement on the list(s), once issued, in order to make corrections where errors may have occurred.

Read Memorandum to the Membership here


AA Bargaining Update – June 24

The Mechanic & Related/Stores and Fleet Service Negotiating Committees met with American Airlines the week of June 20 in Washington, D.C.

Updates from both committees are below. Download M&R/Stores update   Download Fleet Service update

Update on Seniority Integration

Mechanic & Related/Stores Update

Your Negotiating Committee exchanged and discussed the following articles:

  • Holidays – M&R, MLS, MTS & MCT: Your committee exchanged initial proposals on this article with the company.
  • Field Trips/Travel Pay – M&R & MLS: Your committee received a counter proposal from the company on this article. We are preparing a proposal to present to the company at the next session.
  • Overtime – M&R, MLS & MCT: After a thorough review and discussion, we presented a proposal on this article to the company. We are nearing completion on the procedures and rules for distribution, solicitation and grievance process for overtime bypasses. We have not received a counter proposal from the company at this point.
  • Attendance at Training: We received a counter proposal from the company on this article and the parties have narrowed the differences in their positions.

Additionally, during this week’s sessions, your Negotiating Committee spent time with our Seniority Integration Committee discussing seniority issues specific to negotiating the JCBA.

The Negotiation Committee will reconvene in DFW next week, June 27, 2016.

Current TAs:

Purpose Preamble Safety & Health
Bulletin Boards Uniforms MCT-Dress Attire
Sick Leave Leaves of Absence Part Time Employees/Eliminated
Absence from Duty Representation Probationary Period
Management Rights No strike / No Lockout Fitness for Duty
Recognition of Rights
and Compliance
System Board of
Temporary Employees/Eliminated
Furlough/Severance Termination of Employment/Eliminated  

Upcoming negotiating sessions:

Week of June 27, DFW Week of August 1, DFW Week of August 22, NYC
Week of July 11, DFW Week of August 8, DFW Week of August 29, DCA
Week of July 25, DFW    


Jason Best Mike Bush Ken Coley John Coveny
Dale Danker Mark Huffman Bennie Martino Gary Peterson
Larry Pike Sean Ryan Jay Sleeman Mark Strength


Fleet Service Update

The week began with a seniority integration meeting at the TWU International office, which included the Seniority Integration Committee, the Negotiating Committee and other representatives of the Association. The Seniority Integration Committee will continue its work parallel with joint contract negotiations.

As we returned to the table with American Airlines, the company forwarded its proposal regarding holidays, which fell far below the expectation of the membership considering the record profits American Airlines continues to post quarter after quarter. Using the strength of the Association’s crafts and classes, we jointly developed appropriate proposals in response that leverage our solidarity. It is now up to the company to respond accordingly, and we will continue to push back until they offer us the consistency to treat all crafts and classes equally. We will not allow the company to divide us!

We also received the company’s proposal on overtime, and we are currently evaluating it and devising a response. Additionally, we exchanged another round of proposals on the Hours of Work article that unfortunately did not bring us any closer to a tentative agreement. As you can see, we are now getting into the more contentious articles of this contract, and we will continue to hold the line on behalf of our members.

Our next negotiating session is scheduled for the week of June 27 in Dallas.


Mike Baskett Mike Fairbanks Pete Hogan Tim Hughes
Mike Mayes Steve Miller Brian Oyer Pat Rezler
Art Risley Andre Sutton Rodney Walker Bill Wilson