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Brothers and Sisters,

Sometime in early July of 2017 I notified the company that beginning January 1, 2018 all of our NY-based Members would be eligible for PAID family leave (NYPFL) in order to care for family members as outlined in the legislation passed by Governor Cuomo. In explaining the benefits and guarantees of the law it was clear that many in HDQ’s were unhappy about the law and it was also clear that AA’s legal team was looking for a way to wiggle out of the obligations before the law became applicable. This state law also requires that every employee contribute to the fund and that contribution is to be capped at 0.126% of an employee’s weekly wage. Because the company dragged its feet on the implementation of the law’s benefits they have now run out of time on setting up the payroll deduction of the contribution. As a result, I was notified yesterday that AA will absorb all employee costs of the NYPFL for 2018.

In addition, because of their tardiness the company will also need to waive the 30 day advance notification obligation we have should anyone apply for the leave on New Years Day 2018. They have also not set up the application process but told me yesterday that this will be up and running in less than 10 days.

It is abundantly clear that AA dropped the ball on prepping for this pro-worker state legislation. With all that said, the Governor’s law is carved in stone and AA must abide by its terms and conditions. Please see our EAP Rep George Crozier for more details on eligibility and how to best prepare should you need to apply. You may also access the following link for the NYS Statement Of Rights with regards to this benefit.


In closing, please understand that this paid benefit is for the care of eligible family members and does not impact the traditional FMLA benefit that we use in order to take needed time away for ourselves. As always, you can reach me at (347) 661-3527 at any time should you need any other additional information.

Angelo Cucuzza
Executive Vice President
Legislative Liason

Association, AA Executive Session Negotiations Continue

Brothers and Sisters,

The Executive Negotiating Committee met face to face with American Airlines this week in Dallas. All groups concentrated on internal discussions and deliberations in concert with the Association legal team on Scope language that will protect our work and jobs in the new contract. These discussions are in preparation for a counter proposal for all Association classifications to the company’s woefully inadequate proposal on that important article in all our JCBA’s.

Discussions continued on GSE/Facilities filling of vacancies; M&R and MLS ASAP MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) including the Just Culture philosophy, MLS seniority and MLS/M&R overtime opportunity distribution procedures.

Complete Tentative Agreements were reached on:

Union Security and Dues Check Off- All Groups
Seniority- MCT
Seniority- MTS

The future negotiating calendar is as follows:

January 8- DCA
January 22- DCA
February 12- DCA
February 19- DCA


Fleet Negotiating Committee:

Mark Baskett, William Fa ,Mike Fairbanks, Tim Hughes,Steve Miller, Tim Murphy, Pat Rezler, Art Risley, Andre Sutton ,Rodney Walker, Bill Wilson.

Mechanic and Related/Stores Committee:

Jason Best, Mike Bush, Ken Coley, John Coveny, Dale Danker, Mark Huffman, Bennie Martino, Gary Peterson ,Rollie Reaves ,Sean Ryan ,Jay Sleeman, Mark Strength.

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