NMB Certifies TWU-IAM Associations at American Airlines

The National Mediation Board (NMB) today certified the TWU-IAM Association for the Fleet Service, Mechanic and Related and Stores classifications as the collective bargain-ing agent for all of the above classifications at American Airlines.
All three Associations were formed following the merger of US Airways and American Airlines. Both the Transport Workers Union (TWU) and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) agreed to jointly represent Fleet Service, Mechanic and Related, and Stores employees at the merged carrier instead of engaging in a long, costly and acrimonious representation dispute.
“With today’s ruling, the Associations can now get down to the business of negotiating the industry’s best contracts that our members deserve,” said TWU President Harry Lombardo and IAM General Vice President Sito Pantoja in a joint statement.
The Associations requested on August 16, 2014 that the NMB make a determination of single carrier status for all classes and crafts covered by the Employee Associations. The NMB ruled on April 15, 2015 that American was operating as a single carrier for all groups covered by the Associations’ filing. The NMB’s process allowed a 30-day peri-od after a single carrier determination for any intervenor to supply a showing of interest to compete for representation of the employees affected. No such showing of interest was filed resulting in the Board issuing a certification of the TWU-IAM Associations as the recognized bargaining agents.
The TWU-IAM Association represents approximately 30,000 ground workers at
American Airlines and is the largest union at the carrier.

TSA Security Screening Requirements Change

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has changed security screening requirements. This change comes as a result of airport security-related incidents that occurred in Atlanta in December 2014 that raised questions about potential vulnerabilities regarding the screening and vetting of all airport-based employees.

The following changes are effective immediately:

  • Employees and authorized representatives, who are traveling as passengers, must enter the sterile area through a TSA screening checkpoint with any accessible property they intend to carry onboard the aircraft.
  • Employees traveling after completing a work assignment in the sterile area have met this requirement, provided they originally entered the sterile area through the screening checkpoint, and have remained in the sterile area since entering. Otherwise, they are required to exit the sterile area, and reenter through a TSA screening checkpoint with any accessible property they intend to carry onboard the aircraft.
  • Employees who park in an employee lot and walk or ride to the terminal, and are dropped off inside sterile area, must exit the sterile area and reenter through a TSA screening checkpoint with any accessible property
  • they intend to carry onboard the aircraft when traveling as a passenger.

    • Crewmembers who participate in the Known Crewmember (KCM) program may enter through a KCM checkpoint, if available.
    • These requirements do not apply to crewmembers assigned to work a flight as the operating crew.

In addition, the Airport Authorities in each airport will be required to make the following changes:

  • Fingerprint-based Criminal History Records Checks will be required every two years for all airport employee SIDA badge holders.
  • Require airport and airline employees traveling as passenger to be screened by TSA prior to travel.
  • Require airports to reduce the number of access points to secured areas to an operational minimum.
  • Increase aviation employee screening, to include additional randomized screening throughout the workday.
  • Re-emphasize and leverage the Department of Homeland Security “If You See Something, Say Something™” initiative to improve situational awareness and encourage detection and reporting of threat activity.

Captain Fred Bates Sr. Manager Crew & Operations Security

JFK Title II Section Chairman

To the Membership of Local 501,

This notice is to inform you that on May 06, 2015 under Article VIII(F) of our Local 501 By-Laws, President Victor J. Gonzalez appointed our JFK Title II Section Chairman Chris Kiernan to the position of Executive Board Member at Large #3, approved unanimously by the Board. (Effective June 01, 2015).

Brother Kiernan has been actively involved with the TWU Veterans Committee, done an excellent job representing our JFK Title II Members and is looking forward to his assigned task of representing our Title II Members in the upcoming Negotiations.

The Executive Board is confident that Chris in his expanded role will provide a benefit to the entire Membership of Local 501.

Our Administration is diligently working on providing the best possible representation for our Members, and we greatly appreciate your continued support.


Anthony Jordan
Recording Secretary