Presidents Message

Brothers & Sisters,

On behalf of our TWU Local 501 Administration, I would like to give a Special thanks to the entire membership for your continued support and confidence in us as your Leadership.

Our Administration is truly humbled and honored at the Historic way we were ALL Elected, Uncontested in our 2017 Elections. As we move forward into our second term in office, your Executive Board will be as Committed and Dedicated as ever, to working as hard as possible for our membership.

We will also continue to strive at producing Positive Changes at our local, and be an Administration that is Visible, Informative and Available to our members. Our Veterans, Working Woman, Benefits Committee, Safety Teams and All of our Local 501 representatives will receive the support needed to provide our members with a robust representation.

At the NY State Conferences and New York Central Labor Council, local 501 will be active participants. Our number one priority will be to protect our Treasury, while establishing Unity with our members by providing hats, T-Shirts and picnics.

When our Industry Leading Joint Collective Bargaining Agreements are finally accomplished, the challenges and obstacles that they will bring, will be met by us with full force. Protecting our jobs, our work and fighting for upgrades and better FT/PT ratios at our stations will also be an ongoing battle.

Moving forward with an update on Two of our very important Presidential 29'd Grievances, the grievance pertaining to the CS policy at SJU has been resolved as our SJU Brothers and Sister are now provided CS privileges same as the CS policy at JFK/LGA. As for the grievance on Re-staffing Philadelphia and Newark stations back to TWU Local 501, we are now waiting for the International to set up a meeting for us with the 1AM Leadership in an effort to try and establish an agreement that can expeditiously return our Brothers and Sisters back to their home stations.



Victor J. Gonzalez
President, TWU Local 501

Happy Memorial Day from TWU!

At TWU, we’re thankful for all our members and every brave service member who has served in the military, and today we’ll take a moment to honor their sacrifices for our country. This holiday is a chance to remember all our fallen but not forgotten heroes.

For so many of us Memorial Day is the kick off of the official summer season. Plenty of our members will be at home celebrating with a barbeque with their family, or at the local pool. But for many others, today is another day on the job, keeping America moving and keeping the traveling public safe. Thank a transport worker today for doing this important work.

Happy Memorial Day from your union!

AA Bargaining Update, May 26

Download this update as a PDF.

Brothers & Sisters,

The Executive Negotiating Committee met with American Airlines the week of May 22nd, in Washington D.C. and discussed several of the open issues and Articles. For M&R and MLS those Articles include: Vacations, Holidays, Overtime and Classifications. For the Fleet Service group those Articles include: Vacations, Overtime, Reduction in Force and Recall.

The Committee reached Tentative Agreements on the following Articles:

Overtime – M&R, MLS and Fleet Service

Hours of Service – M&R, MLS and MCT

Recognition of Rights – Fleet Service

The M&R Committee received a proposal from the Company on Classifications, and the Fleet Service Committee received a proposal from the Company on Transfers and Promotions that are currently under review.

While the Executive Committee met face to face with the Company, the remaining members of the Negotiating Committees were engaged in reviewing and crafting counter proposals.

Negotiations are scheduled to resume on the following weeks: June 5th, June 12th, July 17th & July 24th in Washington, DC.

Your Negotiating Committees remain fully committed to achieving industry leading contracts to be voted on by our membership. Progress has been made, and will continue to be made, as long as American Airlines management remains committed to their promises of an industry-leading contract.

Your support is both appreciated and necessary in order to achieve our goals. Knowing that we stand together in solidarity makes us stronger than ever.

Remember, do not listen to rumors – your only official negotiations report is that issued by this Association.


Fleet Negotiating Committee:



Mark Baskett



William Fa



Mike Fairbanks



Tim Hughes

Steve Miller Tim Murphy Pat Rezler Art Risley
Andre Sutton Rodney Walker Bill Wilson  


Mechanic and Related/Stores Committee:                                        

Jason Best    Mike Bush    Ken Coley    John Coveny    Dale Danker    Mark Human    Bennie Martino      

 Gary Peterson    Rollie Reaves    Sean Ryan    Jay Sleeman    Mark Strength