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FLOC Conference Take Aways

Today ends the FLOC conference in Brooklyn and my take away from it are as follows.

The opportunity to gather with fellow TWU locals and share our experiences was invaluable. The conference provided a platform for us to come together, exchange ideas, and collaborate on finding solutions to the challenges we face. It was inspiring to see the collective strength and determination of TWU Unions as we focused on the way forward.

One of the key areas of focus during the conference was the impact of new technologies on our workforce. We discussed the potential for job elimination due to automation and AI technologies. Angelo Cucuzza’s presentation on AI technologies, which could potentially eliminate 40% of repetitive jobs in the next 15 years, highlighted the need for us to be proactive in protecting our members’ livelihoods. We emphasized the importance of bargaining tools to ensure that any new technologies implemented do not result in job losses.

Another crucial topic of discussion was the orientation of new employees. We recognized the significance of instilling in them the meaning of our union and its importance in their livelihoods. By emphasizing the benefits and value of union membership, we aim to foster a positive attitude and engagement among our new members. This, in turn, will help us build a strong and united workforce.

Additionally, we acknowledged the importance of contributing to COPE to support elected officials who align with our union interests. While we are not a political organization, we understand the significance of supporting those who advocate for our needs and rights. This presentation by Local 570 highlighted the impact of our contributions to COPE in ensuring that our union’s interests are represented and protected.

The diversity of attendees at the conference was remarkable, with representatives from various work groups such as flight attendants, school bus drivers, city bus drivers, and Southwest Airlines employees. This diversity provided us with a unique opportunity to gain insights into how different groups operate and learn from their experiences. The knowledge shared during the conference has undoubtedly contributed to our better understanding of the broader TWU community.

The knowledge, experiences, and ideas shared during the FLOC event have been invaluable in shaping my understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Thank you Executive board for your dedication and commitment to our local 501 union membership. I look forward to continued collaboration and future opportunities to work together towards a stronger and more prosperous future.

Warm regards,
Winston Branford
TWU Local 501

SAG/AFTRA rally in NYC

At the call of our TWU International President John Samuelsen, Local 501 Executive Board along with IAC Officer Curtis Tate and Local 100 President & Treasurer in picture support the SAG/AFTRA rally in NYC.