** Update ** Hurricane IAN Letter of Agreement

This Letter of Agreement has opened up a can of worms for us at TWU Local 501 with SJU. So that our Executive Board is brought up to date with this topic let me brief you.

This Monday, on October 17, 2022 a last-minute Presidents Conference call was established. The only topic discussed was a letter of Agreement which was not available for viewing and signed off on October 17, 2022. Until this call TWU Local 501 was never advised that discussions with the company and the Association were being held pertaining to Hurricane IAN affecting TPA-MCO-JAX-FLL employees, which occurred 10 days after SJU was hit by Hurricane FIONA on September 18th, 2022. As this topic unfolds, what occurred is that TWU Local 501 leadership followed and utilized CBA language to protect our SJU members in the best way possible at the time. It was worked out with SJU management that employees would be paid half of their regular shift and shift trades with an opportunity to make up the rest of their lost schedules if they chose to at a later date. This placed funds immediately into our members, pockets.

Now, it would seem that reading this LOA, employees at stations TPA-MCO-JAX-FLL were only provided an opportunity to make up their Regular scheduled hours and swift trades lost with the CBA language of within 30 days. In this case, if that is the case, the employees would not be compensated for their loss time if they did not make it up. Even under this beneficial LOA which comes out of the context of the CBA, employees will not be compensated for over a month from their days of absence.

Upon reviewing the LOA, TWU Local 501 has reached out to the International and Labor to express our thoughts and opinions.

What I have come away with from my discussions with Labor and the International is that from the TWU side it’s a beneficial agreement which cannot be turned down and I agree.

The biggest part of this story is why American Airlines chose to ignore and leave SJU out of such a beneficial LOA, when our members in SJU experienced the same type damages and challenges before Hurricane IAN arrived at the LOA locations. Did American Airlines follow other Airlines treatment of employees at TPA-MCO-JAX-FLL?

I believe American Airlines owes TWU Local 501 and our SJU Members an explanation, and your Local 501 leadership will be requesting it along with requesting that SJU receive the same type LOA provided and offered to our Brothers & Sisters at TPA-MCO-JAX-FLL.

As always TWU Local 501 will accept ALL challenges as an opportunity to LEAD!

Victor J. Gonzalez
President, TWU Local 501
International Executive Board