The TWU Beats Back AMFA Raid

In November, AMFA – a malicious unaffiliated employee organization – filed an action with the National Mediation Board (NMB) in a misguided attempt to raid the TWU’s mechanics and related employees group at American Airlines.

The NMB, the federal agency overseeing airline and railroad labor relations, initiated an investigation into AMFA’s claim that it had the support of a majority of these workers.
After a 10-month legal review, AMFA’s misguided raid failed because the NMB ruled that AMFA did not have the support it claimed. The NMB investigation found that AMFA did not have enough employee cards to force a union election.

Based on AMFA’s failure to gain TWU worker support, the NMB found no basis on which to proceed further.

At a time when America’s unions are fighting for the physical and economic health of working families, AMFA chose instead to divide workers by attempting a clandestine, counterproductive power grab. This self-serving attack was overwhelmingly rejected.

“AMFA is a bottom-feeding union,” said TWU International President John Samuelsen. “The only way to rebuild power for working people is to invest in a trade union movement that embraces all workers in all crafts and classes. Workers have one common enemy – the bosses. When we stand shoulder to shoulder, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.”

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