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Updates on Allocator Award/AMFA/NYC Bi-weekly topic

Brothers & Sisters

Attached with the Email are documents providing information and updates on a few topics involving us in the TWU Airline Division.  The Covid-19 pandemic has caused tremendous harm, pain and suffering in our lives and it’s an ongoing battle that we will all have to remain Vigilant against and continue to adapt to.

With this major obstacle in our way ( COVID 19 ) that we are living with and has altered our lives in so many ways, the new JCBA’s has also brought us numerous challenges with some of them attached with this email.

The Allocator situation showed us clearly how devious this company is that we are dealing with.

The AMFA attempted raid of our TWU members that was unsuccessful and in my opinion, the battle is not over with AMFA as I believe our top leaders in our organization are not going to let go of that AMFA betrayal of the TWU so easily. ( Stay Tuned).

As for OUR NYC Bi-weekly issue, our TWU Airline Division Director Brother Gary Peterson has sent out to TWU Local 501 & 591 NYC members a communication that clearly expresses this is an ongoing battle which is not over. Once again, this is just another example of the New American arrogance. Stay tuned, keep the faith on this topic and your continued support is needed as this matter unfolds.

I am pleased to state that our TWU Local 501 relationship with the International Leadership is very strong and your Executive Board encourages ALL TWU members to provide them with your support and trust also.  Let us ALL be cognizant that there has been a wave after wave of challenges on many fronts and the membership’s loyalty and patience to the Local and our Organization will be needed in these trying times.

As stated, this is just an update message/communication on a few topics and there are dozens of other pressing issues that your Administration at TWU Local 501 are robustly dealing with and as always we will do our jobs at serving the membership to the best of our abilities.  Do not ever hesitate to reach out to any TWU Local 501 representative for clarity, assistance, information or just to have a dialog on any union topic.

Positive results will come with Unity!


In Solidarity,

Victor J. Gonzalez
President, TWU Local 501
International Executive Board