Monthly Archives: March 2021

A Message From The TWU International Administrative Committee

TWU members,

Last week, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law – the fifth Covid-19 emergency response bill since the beginning of the pandemic. The TWU played a major role in getting this bill passed, and it includes significant funding that will go directly into your pockets.

Over the past year, we have won a total of $168.1 billion in transportation-specific federal stimulus money. Every dime of this money comes with some of the strongest labor protections we’ve ever seen. At least 20,000 TWU jobs were saved due to this spending and every single one of our members benefited directly from these bills.

These victories are a result of the unity demonstrated by our members holding the line during these unprecedentedly tough times. Despite the tragic losses that we have all suffered, the courage that our members have shown on the frontlines of this pandemic has been remarkable. The disaster of Covid-19 has served as a powerful reminder to the world that transport workers are truly essential.

In Solidarity,
TWU International Administrative Committee

Covid Relief bill passes Senate


The Covid Relief bill has passed the Senate with no changes in the airline, transit, or Amtrak funding. This is another major victory for the TWU and the AFL-CIO affiliates who helped push this legislation through the Senate; protecting union members from furlough through September. We anticipate that the amendments introduced in the Senate will pass in the House on Monday or Tuesday and will reach President Biden for his signature immediately thereafter.

Gary Peterson
International Vice President
Air Division Director