NYS 4 Hour Paid Leave Law

Hello Brothers and Sisters

Attention TWU Local 501 members, this communication is in regards to the NYS 4 hour paid leave Law (Covid 19 Vaccinations).

After several days of dialogue with Labor Relations, The Managing Director, and the Director of Customer Ops based at LGA, this executive board managed to get the company to Adhere to the Law recently signed by Governor Cuomo.

After finding out about the Law, We engaged the company, (who by the way had an initial position of giving VTOs), to make sure they understood the importance of allowing the membership here in NYC to take whatever time they needed if scheduled to work, to get themselves vaccinated, as we know how many lives were impacted by this Pandemic.

As of yesterday 3/26/21 it was communicated By The Director of Customer Ops in LGA, that anyone that was VTO’d will be Retro compensated dated back to 3/12/21 and would be made whole and moving forward, they will be compensated/coded accordingly as long as the request is made in a timely fashion. Anyone needing more than the allowed 4 hours will be able to utilize hours from their sick and/or Vacation bank.

We are still awaiting an official Letter from the company, but we are positive that the company will accommodate when applicable as they to Understand SAFETY and PEOPLES WELL BEING always comes first amidst this ongoing pandemic.

Please feel free to reach out to Your TWU Local 501s executive board for any questions or concerns pertaining to this matter or any other matter if that. Always remain patient and continue to trust and support your Executive Board. Work Safe and have a blessed Day!!
Kemoy “CaNn” Smith
Executive Board, TWU Local 501
Air Division
CLC Delegate