JFK/LGA March 2020 Membership Meeting

Brothers and Sisters,

Re: JFK/LGA March 2020 Membership Meeting

Please be advised that after careful consideration due to the Corona Virus Pandemic concerns, our TWU Local 501 Executive Board has decided to cancel our March 24, 2020 JFK/LGA Membership Meeting.

All TWU Local 501 members will receive credit for being in attendance due to Union Business obligations that involve our By-Laws and our 2020 Union Election. We know our members will understand why our decision making is coming down on such short notice due to the numerous amount of serious topics we are facing ALL at the same time.

Our Executive Board is going to try and produce an informational Podcast, hoping to reach and assist as many members as possible pertaining to JCBA’s Voting and the Corona Virus Pandemic. If we are successful in producing a positive Podcast, the goal will be to continue forward with a series of future podcasts that cover any serious Union topic or any concerns of our members.

Your understanding and continued support is greatly appreciated and your Executive Board encourages our membership to live safe, stay informed and remain in Solidarity through these tough times!


Victor J. Gonzalez

President, TWU Local 501
Airline Division
International Executive Board