TWU Local 501 Update

Brothers & Sisters,

As we enter November of 2019, with the benefits enrollment process over, our administration at TWU Local 501 will still be hard at work making sure our members get the assistance needed in dealing with their voluntary benefits and any other issue.

With 2020 nearing rapidly, Contract Negotiations at American is our biggest battle and obstacle today and into the near future. On behalf of the TWU Local 501 Executive Board the one thing we want to make clear to our members is not to listen to rumors, or pay any mind to social media stories. This cannot be repeated enough!

When the Association is prepared to communicate that a Tentative Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement is complete and ready for a ratification vote, that’s when the membership will be provided ALL the facts, information and process to complete a JCBA. Until then any other communications that are not coming directly from the Association or from our Local 501 President or Officers should be considered as just a pure guess, rumor or opinion.

The bottom line at this time is that Scope still needs to be completed along with other big ticket items in negotiations and our Association refuses to cave into the company’s request for concessions and protect our members jobs to the best of their abilities.

The company has tested our unity as a UNION and has discovered that the Association is a formidable opponent whose members will continue to support in the fight for what we deserve. If the company wanted to complete a JCBA with us they would had offered us a respectful contract years ago.

The job you save maybe your own with your continued support of our Association and remember it’s the company that made promises to make us whole so why do they need concessions while they make billions in profits!

Please keep in mind that the TWU was established in 1934 and TWU Local 501 was established in 1945. The Transport Workers Union is not about to back down to Corporate Greed at American as our History of fighting for Unity, Diversity, Dignity and Workers rights is long and strong with great accomplishments.

Your TWU local 501 Executive Board is Battle Tested, Battle Ready for ALL future challenges. “ALWAYS BE A PROUD MEMBER OF THE TRANSPORT WORKERS UNION”

In Solidarity,

Victor J. Gonzalez – President
TWU Local501
Airline Division
International Executive Board