Brothers & Sisters

After a quick review of the two published communications by American attached with this email and some discussions with my TWU contacts, I am providing some talking points to my best understanding at this time.

Fleet Full Text Proposal 5-2-19 | MR Full Text Proposal 5-2-19

Hope it helps!

  • The company has published what looks like 42 Articles as FSC/CBA proposals and 39 Articles as M&R/CBA proposals. If reviewed carefully there is from what I see only 30 TA’s reached so far for both groups. From what I have been told while the company has put out an index with numerous articles the JCBA’s when established won’t have that many Articles as many of the articles will be combined. As we ALL should already know there is still a lot of work to be done before a JCBA could be brought back for a vote and the company proposals are insulting and NOT ENOUGH!
  • Also very important, is that my understanding is that the Association with be putting out a complete  side by side comparison against what the company put out for our members viewing which will shed a tremendous light on things.
  • Our Members need to know that our Solidarity is being tested and being United will give us the best opportunity to protect ALL of our members jobs now and into the future and provide the best possible rates of pay, benefits, rules and working conditions.
  • The company is playing a vicious game with us and corporate GREED is what we are up against. Members should and cannot stand by idle and need to take every opportunity to tell American and its managers that we won’t be fooled and the company needs to get back to the bargaining table and give us what we deserve!
  • FYI: From what I understand, I believe that the company sent out proposals to the members that where not even shared with the Association.
  • As for the topic of TA’s it’s been brought to my attention by a few members that they are not satisfied with some of them.

So since everything is out in the open please submit any concerns pertaining to TA’s to any TWU Local 501 Officer and we will send it out to the Association for further review and consideration.

In Solidarity,

Victor J. Gonzalez

President, TWU Local 501

International Executive Board