Proposed Schedule Loss of Use Guidelines – Update

I wanted to give you an update of our efforts in our fight of the Proposed  Schedule Loss of Use Guidelines.  The Workers Compensation Board has issued new guidelines which though not perfect are far more reasonable than the ones being pushed by the Business Council.  These new guidelines will protect Workers’  rights and will allow for awards to compensate for permanent injuries. We are still fighting the reductions in the current guidelines, as we feel it is improper to cut the benefits of injured workers in any way. 
These substantial changes from the initial draft reflects the work we put in and the essential need for a unified response from labor.  Without support of the Labor Unions of New York State, I doubt any changes would have been made and Awards for Permanent Impairment would have ceased to exist in all practical effect. 
I am enclosing the link from the WCA which will give you greater detail on the new proposal as well as what was undertaken here.  We are also trying to keep the pressure on the Workers Compensation Board.  This is important, as we do not want to concede ANY benefit cuts and we are sure that the NYS Business Council is doing what they can to fight this current proposal.  These improvements would not have been possible without your support.  Thank you for all that you have done to help preserve benefits for injured workers.
 Thank you,
 Mark S. Polsky
Polsky, Shouldice & Rosen, P.C.
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Rockville Centre, NY 11570