Massive Election Day Victories for TWU and Working People

Brothers and sisters:

Yesterday’s victories in New York, New Jersey, and on down-ballot races around the country represent exactly the kind of forward motion we’ve been working toward.

The election of Phil Murphy as Governor of New Jersey, and the defeat of the Constitutional Convention ballot proposal in New York would not have been possible without the TWU’s massive organizing and mobilization efforts, and our continued commitment to showing up for the fights that matter.

In New Jersey, TWU members from every division turned out in full force to elect Phil Murphy, a proud friend of working people.
They attended events, made phone calls, knocked on doors and donated time and resources to the election effort, which paid off in electing a new champion of our movement in Trenton.

The TWU has committed to show up for any candidate that has the back of the trade union movement, and we’re proud to see that our investment in Governor-Elect Murphy was the right choice.

And across New York, members of the New York/New Jersey State Conference and air, rail and transit division locals organized an unprecedented mobilization against the corporate-backed ballot proposal to re-open the state Constitution, posing a serious threat to collective bargaining rights. Members and officers drafted op-eds and letters to the editor, marched in countless demonstrations, and played a key role in educating the public on the nuances of the complex issue and its potential devastating effects on union members.

In a massive display of solidarity and organizing capacity, TWU showed up big with our time, our voices, and our resources to make sure this proposal went down.

There is still plenty of work to be done. But today, we celebrate the success of coming together when it counts, and building political power for working people in a time when we desperately need it.

We will learn from our hard-fought victories this week, and we’ll keep fighting.

United, Invincible,

TWU International