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New York Workers’ Compensation Alliance supports the effort by the New York State AFL-CIO



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The New York Workers’ Compensation Alliance supports the effort by the New York State AFL-CIO to prevent the Workers’ Compensation Board from harming injured workers.
The Board recently released proposed regulations and impairment guidelines that would drastically cut compensation awards for injured workers who have lost some or all of the use of their limbs. The Board’s proposals are a direct attack on workers, and are clearly designed to eliminate compensation benefits for workplace injuries.
The Board has released no documents or information providing even a shred of medical support for the revision of its guidelines, nor has it explained how loss of function is now significantly less impactful than it has been in the past.
The Business Council, which has been pushing for the changes, claims that revisions are necessary because schedule-loss-of-use costs are skyrocketing. This is simply false. Schedule loss awards represent only a small portion of all employer costs, which are lower today than they were in 1996, and which were just reduced by nearly a half billion dollars.
In fact, schedule loss evaluations under current guidelines do not fairly compensate injured workers for the economic loss they suffer as the result of workplace injury. The proposed regulations also would strip injured workers of important protections and due process rights, and would create a system ripe for abuse by employers, insurers, “independent” medical examiners, and IME vendors.
In the original workers’ compensation “bargain” workers gave up the right to sue employers for workplace injury in exchange for the assurance that they would be compensated for their injuries through the workers’ compensation system. These proposed regulations and guidelines destroy that bargain and will leave thousands of injured workers with no compensation at all for their workplace injury.
The bottom line is that proposals take the money to compensate injured workers and give it to big businesses and insurance companies. We must stand together to support New York’s workers and reject these destructive proposals. Please make your voice heard to the State legislature and to the Workers’ Compensation Board by visiting, and by supporting the AFL-CIO campaign here:
These petitions must be filled out as quickly as possible as there is a 30 day open window for public commentary. 
And then on November 7th we have the general election where we need ALL of our Members to Vote NO to the ConCon where Workers Compensation guarantees in New York State Can be wiped out of the State's Constitution.  This is serious stuff Brothers and Sisters. 





Hurricane Relief for TWU Families

As our brothers and sisters in several states attempt to rebuild from the devastating hurricanes of the last several weeks, TWU is committed to supporting them. Working with local leaders on the ground in all affected areas, we are monitoring members’ needs and creating an action plan to ensure everyone gets the help they need. At this time, those wishing to help can continue to make donations to the TWU of America Hurricane Relief Fund, which will be distributed directly to union members in affected areas as needed.


Association, AA Executive Session Negotiations Canceled

Brothers and Sisters,
Due to the hurricane in Florida, the TWU/IAM Association and American Airlines have mutually decided to cancel contract negotiations next week. The safety of the Association’s members and representatives is of paramount importance and travel at this time is not advised. Negotiations are scheduled to resume on the following weeks: October 2nd in Washington DC and October 16th in New York City.