Today We Unite Campaign

Dear Members

When we told you we’re ramping up the Today We Unite Campaign, we meant it!

This week, we’re launching digital ads to target the company and generate more public support for our effort – they’ll appear on your social media feeds and web browsers when you’re online near an American Airlines hub. Rest assured, if you’re seeing them, so is the traveling public, and company management. Attached is a sample of what one of the ads looks like. As we produce more, you’ll see them in your feeds, or check the TWU website for previews.

As many of you know, we were back at the bargaining table last week, but the company still hasn’t offered our members the full contract they’ve earned – so we’re continuing our efforts to support our teams at the negotiating table. These ads are the next step in our campaign, so if you see one, please click on it, share it, and of course, sign up to participate in the campaign. The more voices we have sharing the same message, the stronger we are!

Nothing is more important than your participation – please join us and participate in organizing actions to make your voice heard!

Thanks for your continued effort to support this campaign. Stay tuned for more upcoming actions!

In Solidarity,

TWU International Campaign Unit