AA Bargaining Update, Jan. 27

Sisters and Brothers,

The Association Mechanic & Related/Stores and Fleet Service Negotiating Committees met with American Airlines the week of January 23, 2017.

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Mechanic & Related Stores Update

During this week’s session, the Committee exchanged and discussed the following Articles:

Limited Duty- M&R, MLS, MTS and MCT – We have reached a tentative agreement on this Article, which provides enhanced protections for our members.

Hours of Service – M&R, MLS & MCT – We have reached an agreement in principle on this article and will reach a TA once the QA, Planner & Technical Documentations Specialists groups reach an agreement with the company on their section of this Article.

General and Miscellaneous – We exchanged several proposals on this Article with the company in this session. This Article encompasses many facets of the CBA and continues to evolve as we progress through the negotiations process. We have narrowed the items that were open and will leave the Article open until the end of the negotiations to ensure complete coverage in the new JCBA.

Classifications – We continued to prepare our proposal regarding this Article.

Overtime – M&R, MLS and MCT – This Article remains open and with the company, no further response from them was received this week. We remain steadfast in our positions on no mandatory overtime, limiting job continuation and pay for overtime bypass.

Vacation – M&R, MLS & MCT– This Article remains open and with the company, no further response from them was received this week

Holidays – M&R, MLS, MTS and MCT – This Article remains open and with the company, no further response from them was received this week.

M&R = Mechanic & Related
MLS = Material Logistics Specialists (Stores)
MTS = Maintenance Training Specialists
MCT = Maintenance Control Technicians
*HOS = Hours of Service

Current TAs:

Purpose Preamble Safety & Health
Bulletin Boards Uniforms MCT-Dress Attire
Sick Leave Leaves of Absence Part Time Employees/Eliminated
Absence from Duty Representation Probationary Period
Management Rights No Strike / No Lockout Fitness for Duty
Recognition of Rights and Compliance System Board of Adjustment/Arbitration  Temporary Employees/Eliminated
Furlough/Severance Termination of Employment/Eliminated Field Trip/Travel Pay
Shift Swaps (Change of Shift)  Training: M&R MCT MLS Shift Swap MCT
Rebids, Hours of Service (HOS) Ten Hour Shifts (HOS) Realignment (HOS)
Reduction in Force (HOS) M&R,  MLS & MCT Recall (HOS) One Station Agreements
Limited Duty    

*HOS = Hours of Service

Future dates for negotiations will be released once they are finalized.


Jason Best Mike Bush Ken Coley John Coveny
Dale Danker Mark Huffman Bennie Martino Gary Peterson
Rollie Reaves Sean Ryan Jay Sleeman Mark Strength


Fleet Service Update

This week the Association worked on the following proposals:

Reduction in Force – The proposal was passed from the union to the Company. After much dialog, we are now awaiting the company’s response.

Limited Duty – We reached a tenetative agreement on this article.

Vacations – We had table conversation and are awaiting a response from the company.

Hours of Work – The company passed the article to the union and we are working on our response.

Current TAs:

Shift Differential Preamble Training, Travel Pay and Meal Per Diem
Grievance Procedures Leaves of AFbsence Meal Periods
Representation Field Work System Board of Adjustment
Uniforms Absence from Duty No Strike No Lockout
Fitness for Duty Bulletin Boards Probation
Safety and Health Purpose of Agreement Termination of Employment
Shift Trades Furlough Benefits Work Schedules
Temporary Assignments Voluntary Furlough Limited Duty

Future dates for negotiating sessions are being finalized at this time.


Mark Baskett William Fa Mike Fairbanks Tim Hughes
Steve Miller Tim Murphy Pat Rezler Art Risley
Andre Sutton Rodney Walker Bill Wilson