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AA Bargaining Update – August 05

The TWU-IAM Joint Association today announced we have reached an interim agreement with American Airlines to provide all members industry-leading wage rates, a lump sum payment and retirement improvements. Your committee will continue joint contract negotiations with American to resolve all outstanding issues, including bargaining additional wage and retirement improvements. Download this letter
Association members will receive the industry-best wages we deserve effective November 2016 and will not have to wait as we continue to bargain the other parts of our joint contracts. A lump sum payment will be made to members to bridge the gap until the November 2016 effective date. The process of bargaining joint contracts after a mega airline merger like American and US Airways is complex and, as you very well know, time consuming. 
The interim wage adjustment agreement provides average wage hikes of approximately 22 percent. Mechanic and Related workers will elevate 3 percent above similarly classified workers at Delta Air Lines and Fleet Service, Stores/Material Logistic Specialists and Maintenance Training Specialists’ wages will increase 1 percent ahead of their counterparts at United Airlines. The agreement also calls for enhancements to defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans. And, while not required under this agreement, the company’s presentation to the Association included the possibility of insourcing some maintenance work that had previously been outsourced. These are important gains for our Association.
We’d like to thank Association Chair and Vice Chair Sito Pantoja and Harry Lombardo for listening to the entire Association membership, and taking our voice to American’s executive leadership to make this happen. We would also like to thank the membership for its support and solidarity, and for making your voices heard loud and clear, and American Airlines for being a willing partner. We look forward to continuing these joint contract negotiations to achieve improvements in all areas of our contracts, including pressing for additional gains in wages and retirement security.
Both the Fleet Service and the Mechanic and Related/Stores Negotiating Committees unanimously voted in favor of the interim improvements.
The full text of the interim wage adjustment will be posted as soon as possible.
Fleet Service Committee:
Mike Baskett Mike Fairbanks Pete Hogan Tim Hughes
Mike Mayes Steve Miller Brian Oyer Pat Rezler
Art Risley Andre Sutton Rodney Walker Bill Wilson
Mechanic and Related Committee:

Jason Best Mike Bush Ken Coley John Coveny
Dale Danker Mark Huffman Bennie Martino Gary Peterson
Larry Pike Sean Ryan Jay Sleeman Mark Strength

AA Bargaining Update – July 29

Sisters and Brothers,

The Mechanic & Related/Stores and Fleet Service Negotiating Committees met with American Airlines this week in Dallas.
Updates from both committees are below. Download M&R/Stores update   Download Fleet Service update

Mechanic & Related/Stores

We exchanged and discussed the following articles this week:

  • Training – M&R, MLS, & MCT: We exchanged these proposals again this week and the company continues to refuse to recognize your seniority for selection purposes, which may impact your overtime and field trip opportunities. Your committee refuses to accept any proposal that could adversely impact you financially.
  • Overtime – M&R & MLS: The company responded to your committee’s proposal on overtime but their response fell short of what is required to meet the needs of the membership. We have narrowed this down to a few issues, one of which is your right to refuse overtime.
  • Vacation – M&R & MLS: We are still waiting on the company to respond to our proposal.
  • Holidays – M&R, MLS, MTS & MCT: We have narrowed this issue down to how much we will be paid on a holiday.
  • Limited Duty – M&R, MLS, MCT & MTS: Your committee passed this proposal to the company and is awaiting a response.

We remain united, committed and resolute in negotiating the JCBAs we deserve. We appreciate your continued solidarity—support and patience are imperative in helping us obtain this goal. We will reconvene in Dallas next week.

Current TAs:

Purpose Preamble Safety & Health
Bulletin Boards Uniforms MCT-Dress Attire
Sick Leave Leaves of Absence Part Time Employees/Eliminated
Absence from Duty Representation Probationary Period
Management Rights No strike / No Lockout Fitness for Duty
Recognition of Rights
and Compliance
System Board of
Temporary Employees/Eliminated
Furlough/Severance Termination of Employment/Eliminated Field Trip/Travel Pay

Upcoming negotiating sessions:

Week of August 1, DFW Week of August 22, NYC  
Week of August 8, DFW Week of August 29, DCA  


Jason Best Mike Bush Ken Coley John Coveny
Dale Danker Mark Huffman Bennie Martino Gary Peterson
Larry Pike Sean Ryan Jay Sleeman Mark Strength

Fleet Service Update

Despite our willingness to move this process along, the company continues to bypass your committee and attempt to negotiate directly with you, the membership, through town hall meetings. During these meetings, the company promises large pay increases, but fails to tell you that in other very important areas of our contract, they are presenting concessionary proposals that include the lesser language of the two pre-merger contracts.

At his “State of the Airline” speech, CEO Doug Parker said, “The company is not happy that negotiations have gone on this long.” But if that’s the case, why then do his negotiators continue to propose concessions, knowing full well that we will reject those proposals, and prolong negotiations even more? This is nothing less than a standard management stalling technique.

We know you are eager for bargaining to finish. So are we, but these proposals simply do not meet your survey responses or expectations.

This week we passed our overtime proposal and we received back counter proposals on vacations and temporary assignments. There are several articles to which we are awaiting the company’s response, including holidays, sick time and recognition and rights.

The following are the TAs reached to date:

Shift Differential Preamble Training, Travel Pay, Meal Per Diem
Grievance Procedures Leaves of Absence Meal Periods
Representation Field Work System Board of Adjustment
Uniforms Absence from Duty No strike / No Lockout
Fitness for Duty Bulletin Boards Probation
Safety & Health Purpose of Agreement Termination of Employment
Shift Trades Furlough Benefits Work schedules

We have negotiations scheduled for the next two weeks in Dallas.


Mike Baskett Mike Fairbanks Pete Hogan Tim Hughes
Mike Mayes Steve Miller Brian Oyer Pat Rezler
Art Risley Andre Sutton Rodney Walker Bill Wilson