Today We Unite: New Website for American Airlines Unity Campaign

TWU members at American Airlines have made countless sacrifices while the company continues to make record profits.  First in bankruptcy and now through a merger, our benefits have been slashed, our work rights have been compromised, and our respect on the job has been decimated. We’re tired of America’s top executives getting rich off our hard work.

Enough is enough. We deserve a fair contract that restores our dignity, prioritizes our family, and protects our future.

That's why we’ve launched our unity campaign, Today We Unite, to stand up for our union and support our brothers and sister at the bargaining table as we negotiate the contract we deserve. Even though we can’t all be at the table together, we want to show American Airlines that we are a united force – and if you mess with one of us, you have to answer to all of us.

Check out our new unity campaign website for more, and stayed tuned for updates on how to remain involved in the campaign. For now, make sure you sign up with your email to stay informed about our ongoing effort, and share a #SolidaritySelfie on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to show you're with us. You can already see your brothers' and sisters' selfies here!