President’s Message

March‎ ‎1‎, ‎2016

Brothers& Sisters,

As we move forward in 2016, I would like to provide our membership with an update on numerous topics and most importantly draw attention to the issues we are facing now and into the future.

The system wide hot topics are Negotiations, Pre-funding and the Equity lawsuit which all updates on these topics can be found at our website or WWW.TWU.ORG.

The remaining dates scheduled so far for negotiations are the weeks of February 29, in DFW, (March 7th, DCA for M&R Only) – (March 14, NYC for FSC Only)

March 21, DFW, and March 28th, 2016 at DFW for M&R and location for FSC TBD.

To be clear with our membership it seems the company is dragging their feet in Negotiations since December 3rd, 2015 as the only TA’s established to name a few are the Preamble, Purpose of Agreement, Safety and Health, Bulletin Boards and Probationary Period. Also keep in mind the company’s attempts to propose concessions despite soaring profits.

You can read the full Pre-funding brief which was filed on January 22, 2016 on our Local 501 or International Websites.

The Equity Lawsuit is still pending and the Judges have yet to be assigned to the case.

Now onto information pertaining to Local 501.

Our Administration has been challenged by American on numerous occasions recently. First, with a new CS policy which was to go into effect February 15, 2016, but will not harm any of our members since Robert L. Jones Jr. Managing Director- Labor relations letter dated February 17th, 2016 to International Vice President Sean Doyle increased the hourly wage rate higher than $ 13.50 per hour for our members working in a New York State station.

In January we had a winter storm in NYC and Local 501 along with other TWU Locals and the International turned over every stone possible to get the company to do the right thing and pay our members and show them the respect they deserve, to no avail.

(Please read communications on this topic between the International and the company on our website.)

In another bad faith effort by the company, instead of dealing with the issue in Negotiations they are trying to incorporate work from the M&R group and CBA to FSC- ( Brake  Riding ) and once again Local 501 and other TWU Locals along with the International are doing everything possible to prevent the company from violations and their intentions.

(Please read 29D filed by International and company response on our website).

The bottom line moving forward is that we as a Union need to Stand As One and understand that every day we will be facing battles and challenges at the New American!

(If you are not part of the Solution, you are part of the Problem!).

Your Local 501 Administration is doing the best we can to the best of our abilities.

At Local 501 we need our members to help us, protect you with your support.

On January 29, 2016 Local 501 held a Shop Stewards meeting in an effort to prepare our representatives with information, direction, goals and the motivation to protect our membership.

Our Local Administration will continue to be as visible, informative and strong as possible for our members in order to provide the robust representation it deserves.

Local 501 is actively engaged at the NY/NJ State Conferences, Central Labor Council and doing our best to have strong EAP, Benefits, Safety, Veterans and Working Woman’s Committees.

In March 2016 Local 501 Officers will be attending the International Legislative and Political Conference in Washington D.C. and recently participated in International VMO training.

In March Local 501 plans to fight in Arbitration a Presidential 29 D Grievance pertaining to the unequal, unfair and unjust company CS policy used at SJU.

During 2015 our Local produced many FT upgrades and we plan to continue that trend in 2016 as there will be 13 FT upgrades during the month of March moving into the JFK freight house.

While we expect many obstacles in 2016, our Administration will look at them as an opportunity to lead.

Our Treasury has been protected and is strong which is very important moving forward.

In the future the new CBA’s most certainly will be difficult to deal with but together we will be able to navigate and tackle the expected issues that will arise. We know that the JFK Title 2 Tech-Ops issue will have to be dealt with. Also we need our members to eliminate being complacent on the job as it seems the company trend moving forward will be to incorporate new policies on the fly.




Victor J. Gonzalez