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Local 501 Officers LGA Field Visit

Left to right:
LGA Section Chairman Jose Mirabal, 1st V.P Angelo Cucuzza, Recording Secretary Anthony Jordan, EAP/Benefit Coordinator George Crozier, Shop Steward Nicky Como, President Victor J. Gonzalez-GONZO, Secretary Treasurer R.D. Williams and LGA Brother Daryl (BOUNCE) Davis!   


9/11 Beam at JFK

View the TWU International leadership meets with members at JFK Photo Album

View the 9/11 Beam at JFK Photo Album

TWU divisions and locals, NYC law enforcement officers and brothers and sisters across our movement work together to move a piece of World Trade Center steel from JFK cargo to Philly, then Miami, then to the NASA Kennedy Space Center for installation. Thanks and solidarity to TWU Locals 525, 591, 568, 501, 1400, 100 and all of the other officers and members who helped make this happen. #unitedinvincible