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Update from TWU Counsel Regarding the AA Equity Distribution Plan Lawsuits

June 17, 2015

To: All AA Presidents Locals 501 – 591

Re: Update from TWU Counsel Regarding the AA Equity Distribution Plan Lawsuits

I would like for the membership to take notice that, in the Demetris case, TWU has filed a motion that will give us an additional 30 days to reply to the brief filed by the plaintiff/appellants. It is our understanding that, in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, these motions are granted automatically. The motion will give us an opportunity to file the best possible brief for consideration by the Court.

WWC Working Woman’s Committee Coordinator

Sisters and Brother's,

In December 2014 Local 501 President Victor J. Gonzalez requested I represent our Local at the first International WWC meeting in Washington DC, where TWU Sister's from all branches would be
present. It was amazing meeting all the powerful Union Woman all in one place with so much to offer, which left me inspired and with so much knowledge.

Upon my return from Washington DC the plan was to meet, greet and reach out to all of our Sisters of SJU, LGA, and JFK and establish a strong WWC at Local 501. In April 2015 I attended my
second WWC meeting in Tulsa OK at Local 514's Headquarters, where we were able to establish representatives from each division, made sub committees and created a mission statement.

Our goal is to provide support and information to all Working Women and empower them to seek leadership roles within their jobs. This coming July 28-30, 2015 will be our next WWC meeting at
Local 100, Brooklyn NY which I look forward to attending.

I will continue my field visits and try to encourage all of our Local 501 Union Sisters to Stand as One and make positive changes in the workforce. So far I was able to establish a bake sale at LGA
which raised about 900 dollars that went towards a homeless shelter and our next major WWC goal is to have our first ever Local 501 Special WWC meeting.

(WWC Shirts and food will be provided, so all we need is our 501 sisters to be involved).

In conclusion, I would like to thank our present Administration for this wonderful opportunity and the trust provided in me to be our Local 501 WWC Coordinator.

Joann Rota
Local 501 WWC Coordinator

TWU-IAM Association Gears Up For Joint Contract Talks

On the heels of the National Mediation Board’s (NMB) certifications of the TWU-IAM Associations at American Airlines, the Fleet Service and Mechanic and Related negotiations committees have scheduled bargaining preparations at the Machinists Union’s William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Complex in Hollywood, Maryland the week of July 6, 2015.
“Combining the labor agreements from two different airlines is a complex process, but this reconciliation will be the foundation on which new agreements will be forged,” said TWU International President Harry Lombardo and IAM General Vice President Sito Pantoja in a joint statement. “The Association is eager to com-plete our preparations so we can get to the table and bargain the contracts our members deserve.”
“It’s largely due to the hard work and past sacrifices of members represented by the Associations that American Airlines is now among the most profitable carriers in the world,” continued Pantoja and Lombardo. “It’s time that these dedicated employees share fully in the success they’ve been so instrumental in creating. That simply means the industry’s best labor agreement.”
The TWU-IAM Association represents more than 30,000 ground workers at Amer-ican Airlines and is the largest union at the carrier. The Association’s leadership and membship is anxious to begin joint contract talks so their compensation is directly reflective of the airline’s success.