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American Airlines and US Airways will be receiving a single operating certificate

American Airlines and US Airways will be receiving a single operating certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration on April 8, the company told employees on Wednesday. With an “SOC,” US Airways flights will no longer use the cactus call sign with air traffic controllers and instead will use the call sign “American.”

“Achieving SOC is a major milestone, but it does not mean that our integration is complete,” the company said in an employee message. “While some of our operating policies and procedures will remain separate at SOC, the majority of our flight, maintenance and dispatch procedures will be identical for all flights that we operate.”

Even though American and US Airways merged in December 2013, it usually takes 18 to 24 months to complete the paperwork necessary for the FAA to grant the operating certificate. The airlines need to combine operating policies and procedures as part of the certification.

Customers likely won’t notice a difference once the single operating certificate is issued as there will still be US Airways aircraft and flights schedules. However, with the certificate, American will begin reporting statistics such as on-time arrival figures to the government as one carrier instead of two.



Given the recent spike in unannounced TSA spot checks in the terminal, the Executive Board of Local 501 is putting our Members on notice to not be in possession of any knives of any length while entering OR exiting the AOI at JFK. Recently, three of our JFK Members were subject to suspension and their SIDA badges revoked due to this Department of Homeland Security violation.

Should the need arise to have something cut in order to accommodate a commodity on an aircraft you should contact a member of management to resolve the issue.


Angelo Cucuzza
1st Executive Vice President
TWU Local 501

Negotiations Preparation Update

March 23, 2015

TO: AA Locals 501 – 591

RE: Negotiations Preparation Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

In conjunction with the work that has been done by the Local Presidents over the last few weeks, including our session in Baltimore, subcommittees have been established to reconcile differences between the TWU AA contracts and the IAM US Airways contracts. The initial TWU table teams and subcommittees are:

Fleet Service: David Virella*, Brian Oyer, Mike Mayes and Pete Hogan. The Fleet Service subcommittee, assisting with research and the writing of proposals: Victor Gonzalez, Andre Sutton, Tim Hughes, Tim Marting and Tom Lee.

M&R Title I: Sean Doyle*, Dale Danker, Larry Pike and Gary Peterson.

MCT: Tony McCoy*, Jason Best and Gary Moffitt.

Title II: Tony McCoy*, Dale Lantz, Jay Sleeman and Eddie Suarez. The Title II subcommittee, assisting with research and the writing of proposals: Chris Kiernan, Robert Todd, Harry Clark, Bill Clark, Ken Vunck and Mike Schwanz.

Title V: Sean Doyle*, Pat Bax, Bob Strebeck and Mike Bush.

These groups will be working diligently over the next few weeks to finalize proposals in preparation for contract reconciliation with the IAM.

We will continue to keep you informed with updates as we move through the process of negotiating an agreement you and your families truly deserve.


Garry Drummond
Director Air Transport Division
*Denotes Chairperson

TWU Bargaining Training: AA Locals Work Together as the Union Prepares for Contract Negotiations

This week, TWU's American Airlines local presidents, along with US Airways locals, are engaged in a rigorous, first-of-its-kind contract negotiations training course. This training, which began on Sunday, spans the entire week and is part of the union's coordinated strategy in preparation for upcoming contract negotiations with the airline.
Right now, the TWU/IAM Association is waiting on the National Mediation Board to issue a decision in response to our request for determination of Single Carrier Status. Before we can officially launch contract negotiations, we need to secure this determination. The NMB is currently reviewing the request — and TWU is actively working with the Board and doing everything in our power to expedite the process.
TWU is going into negotiations tough, united and prepared to fight. We are absolutely determined to get all TWU/IAM Association-represented workers the gold-standard contracts they expect and deserve! That's why our AA local presidents and US Airways locals are meeting at Maryland this week: to train, share information, and coordinate efforts so that together we can be at our strongest.
This type of negotiations training — across all AA locals — is unprecedented at the TWU. The bankruptcy and merger process has been very rocky, and the company has tried time and again to buck its commitments to workers. We know what to expect from the company at the bargaining table, and we're ready. There is a lot that we need to do here to recover lost ground, but we are determined to come out ahead in these negotiations.
The six-day training is facilitated by TWU Education and Training Coordinator Bob Wechsler, who is being ably assisted by a number of industry economists and expert trainers. TWU International President Harry Lombardo opened the training by addressing AA local presidents regarding the TWU/IAM Association's contract negotiations strategy and objectives at the bargaining table. Also in attendance at the training seminar are ATD Division Director Garry Drummond and International representatives Gary Shults, Sean Doyle, and Dave Virella.
Specific training areas include extensive preparation in negotiations strategy, bargaining table tactics and techniques, and effective communications with members.
For more information on the status of the negotiations process, please check TWU's Statements section on the website homepage for updates.

NMB Process Plods Along

The National Mediation Board (NMB) requested additional information from the TWU/IAM Association relating to our request for a determination of Single Carrier Status (SCS). Specifically, the NMB asked for documentation related to both American Airlines and US Airways Simulator Technicians.

This request is evidence the NMB is actively engaged in processing the Association’s SCS determination filing, which is required before Alliance Mechanic and Related, Fleet Service and Stock Clerk members can start negotiating agreements that recognize all of the hard work and sacrifice they have made.