AA Bargaining Update, Feb. 17

Brothers and Sisters:

The Association Fleet Negotiating Committee met with the company during the week of February 13th in Orlando Florida.

This week the Association received the following counter proposals:

Vacations – Substantial progress was made and the article has been tabled for the Association Executive Council.

Reductions In Force – This proposed article captured the majority of the union’s concerns and has also been tabled for the Association Executive Council.

The Association passed the following counter proposal to the company and are awaiting their response

  • Hours of Work

This article has prompted additional discussion for the manner of application, which we have narrowed to three outstanding items.

The committee further worked on part time meal periods.

Current TA’s:

Shift Differential


Training, Travel Pay and Meal Per Diem

Grievance Procedures

Leaves of Absence

Meal Periods


Field Work

System Board of Adjustment


Absence from Duty

No Strike No Lockout

Fitness for Duty

Bulletin Boards


Safety and Health

Purpose of Agreement

Termination of Employment

Shift Trades

Furlough Benefits

Work Schedules

Temporary Assignments

Voluntary Furlough


Our next two negotiating sessions are scheduled for the weeks of 20 February and 6 March in Dallas / Ft. Worth.



Mark Baskett

William Fa

Mike Fairbanks

Tim Hughes

Steve Miller

Tim Murphy

Pat Rezler

Art Risley

Andre Sutton

Rodney Walker

Bill Wilson



Today We Unite – I’m Ready to Fight

In recent months you signed up to participate in TWU’s Today We Unite—I’m Ready to Fight campaign for an American Airlines contract. As you know, this internal organizing campaign created solidarity in Fleet and M&R, which helped provide leverage to the Joint Association at the bargaining table, forcing a significant wage increase. But, as you also know, we have many issues that remain unaddressed and we need action NOW to resolve them.


The best way for each of us to support the bargaining committees at the table is to continue to organize and make our voices heard. The negotiations have gone on for far too long and it is time AA restores the benefits we have rightfully earned!


To that end, we are increasing the intensity of the Today We Unite—I’m Ready to Fight campaign. In the coming weeks, the Joint Association will be heading back to the bargaining table to negotiate for a contract that you've earned. We need to once again show our solidarity and send a strong message to AA that we are not giving up.


We have internal actions planned to let the company know we are coming out of the box in 2017 United, Invincible, and ready to fight!


Starting next week, on February 13, we will be taking photos on shop floors—we want YOU to engage in this effort with your brothers and sisters! Members at all sites across the country will be taking solidarity photos with our Today We Unite—I’m Ready to Fight banners and we ask that you share them on social media, on your local websites, and via email with the hashtag “#TodayWeUnite.”


Ask your local executive board officers for more details about activities at your work site and to keep up to date on future actions in which you can participate!

Know someone who wants to be part of the campaign, too? Recruit your friends to join the fight—send them this link to sign up today.


We can do this together!


In Solidarity,

TWU International Campaign Unit

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